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25 % of children in India have crooked or maligned teeth during their adolescence , they alway suffer from lack of confidence due to improper teeth positioning of improper shape of teeth and jaws . At Doctor Smile we believe in treating them young. Braces and Invisible Aligner treatments help the kids get the perfect dentition and smile they deserve .


School going children suffer from complexes due to bad shape of teeth and early corrections help them get perfect teeth alignment within a couple of years , Our Orthodontists Dr. Rajib Seal and Dr. Devjit Saha have taken special care of children and their needs so that they can grow up to be confident adults .

At times along with the teeth certain Jaw surgeries ( Orthognathic Surgeries )are also required which are handled in collaboration with our Oral Surgery team managed by Dr. R.N Bhutia and Dr. Dhrubajyoti Sen.

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