The Dos And Don’ts After A Tooth Extraction

The Dos And Don’ts After A Tooth Extraction


Tooth extraction refers to the entire removal of 1 or more teeth from the mouth. this is often a procedure that's usually performed by a dental expert. Consult with the best dental clinic in Siliguri.

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  • H1: What is a tooth extraction?
  • H2: The Dos
  • H3: The Dont's

The Dos

Don’t Eat or Drink Immediately

Dentists advise avoiding eating anything immediately after tooth extraction. It takes time for the grume to make around the extraction site. Hence, it's knowing to avoid eating, drinking and talking immediately after surgery. Post 45 minutes, you eat frozen dessert without nuts or have cold milk. If you are feeling thirsty- never use a straw to drink water. Start with the soft ulcer diet for the primary few hours following the surgery.

Use a cotton gauge to prevent Bleeding

There is getting to be some amount of bleeding, and the best dental clinic in Siliguri will ask you to stay on a gauze pad for a minimum of 45 minutes after the extraction is complete. just in case the bleeding maybe a little heavier, it's okay to bite down on the gauze pad. The pressure will help stop the bleeding.

Use ICE Packs

While you'll feel no pain after a tooth extraction, more often than not, it's thanks to insensitivity from anaesthesia. Also, you would possibly experience some swelling around the extraction site later.

Swelling and pain may follow after complex extractions. In such cases, an ice pack can assist you not just reduce swelling but also check the pain. you want to apply an ice pack to the surface of the mouth for 15-20 minutes.

Brush Gently

Brush your teeth gently and avoid brushing around the extraction. Normally a grume forms around the extraction within hours following the extraction. The pressure that you simply apply while brushing might dislodge the grume and cause complications. Hence, brush carefully and as gently as possible to stop dislodging the grume.

The Dont's

Avoid Smoking

Smoking following a tooth extraction is often an invitation to a number of complications. Not only can it weaken the blood, but it also can cause dry sockets to make round the extraction site within a couple of days.

Stay Away from Eating Solids

As long as their numbness around the extraction south, stand back from eating food that needs an honest amount of bite force. this might cause damage to the grume or the extraction site without you even knowing about it. Ideally, dentists say you want to eat solids only after 4-5 hours of extraction.

Do not take painkillers on your own

If you are feeling the swelling is just too much and painful also, contact your dentist. Don’t take painkillers, especially, because it can delay blot clot formation around the extraction site.

These are a number of the Do’s and Don’ts that you simply must follow after you've got had a tooth extraction. If you've got had a tooth extraction recently and worried that your bite force and appearance might not be equivalent to before, then dental implants are an economical future solution. Consult with the best dental clinic in Siliguri.

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