Deep Teeth Cleaning Vs. Regular Teeth Cleaning

Deep Teeth Cleaning Vs. Regular Teeth Cleaning


It is important to visit your dentist for regular check-ups and maintenance of your teeth. When you are there they might run tests and suggest treatments for issues they figure out. You might have heard the term "deep cleaning" from your dentists and wondering what is the difference between deep cleaning and your regular teeth cleaning. Dentists in Siliguri state the difference between the two types of cleaning so that you get a clear idea about both.

Table of content:

1. What is the importance of dental cleaning?

2. Regular teeth cleaning

3. Deep teeth cleaning

What is the importance of dental cleaning?

When you visit your dentist for your routine visit you are also tested and checked for signs of various teeth and gum diseases. Cavities and tooth decay are the issues we try to avoid but gum diseases are equally harmful and it is best if they receive an early diagnosis. Periodontitis is caused by bacteria that build up under the gum line and start to eat away at your teeth.

These issues if not treated early can cause severe health problems for you. Dental cleaning helps your dentist keep a check on these kinds of problems. When you visit dentists in Siliguri you get a thorough check-up of your entire mouth which keeps you healthy.

Regular teeth cleaning

It is essential to schedule regular teeth cleaning once in a while with your dentist. Dentists in Siliguri suggest that it is a good practice to keep your teeth in good condition. Regular teeth cleanings are totally non-invasive and are the first step to preventive dentistry. It is best to keep such appointments at least once in 6 months.

The process begins with your dentist scraping away the plaque and tartar that has formed in your teeth and conduct basic oral tests and exams. Then your teeth will be cleaned and polished with gritty toothpaste and flossed properly. You may have to take X-rays as well. Then your dentist examines your mouth to check for any kind of oral health problems. Once this is done, your results will be discussed with you, and follow-up appointments will be fixed based on the condition of your mouth is.

Deep teeth cleaning

Deep teeth cleaning is also known as scaling & root planning treatment which is not done for every patient. This is a special type of cleaning treatment that focuses on eliminating the bacteria that cause various gum diseases. If you are suffering from problems like gingivitis or other severe gum-related issues then dentists in Siliguri suggest deep cleaning treatment.

Unlike your regular cleaning, this process will require two appointments. Half of your teeth will be cleaned in each appointment. It is done under local anesthesia and your mouth is numbed so that the dentist and clear the plague and tartar present between your teeth and gums. The roots of the teeth are also cleaned and smoothened to eliminate bacteria that can harm the gums. Deeping on the extend of the problems, you may need more cleanings.


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