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Best Dentist In Siliguri For Your Complete Oral Solution

Best Dentist In Siliguri For A Complete Oral Solution

Being the best dentist in Siliguri, Dr. Dhrubajyoti Sen and Dr. Devjit Saha set out to transform the course of dentistry in North Bengal and Sikkim by establishing the first Doctor Smile Dental Clinic. The amazing services provided by these dentists in Siliguri led to one more branch being added. Dr. Eepsa Mukhopadhyay and Dr. Satabdi Chakraborty Saha joined the team in 2016. Dr Eepsa Mukhopadhyay heads the team of prosthodontists to provide the best quality prosthesis for our patients. Dr. Satabdi Chakraborty Saha leads the Periodontics team at Doctor Smile owing to her expertise in Periodontology.

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They were soon followed by Dr Rajib Kr Seal who specialized in othrodontics. Dr. Rajib Kr. Deal along with Dr. Devjit Saha takes special care to fix crooked and misaligned teeth in children. Dr. Soubhik Dey,Dr. Khusboo Bhansali and Dr and Priyanka Pradhan are also part of the team as general dentists.

Dr. Rinchey Norbu Bhutia is a multi-talented dentist in Siliguri who has specialized in oral & maxillofacial surgery. She is also a Certified Implantologist and has a post graduate Diploma in Medical Cosmetology. She completed her fellowship in Facial Aesthetics and Laser surgeries. Dr. R. N. Bhutia along with Dr. Dhurbajyoti Sen and Dr. Sourav Rout leads the team of expert oral surgeons. Dr Sourav Rout is another dentist in Siliguri who specializes in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

This team of the best dentist in Siliguri has carved their name in the industry. With the team getting stronger two more branches of Doctor Smile has been added at Salbari and Birpara. By 2021, 11 years from its date of establishment, Doctor Smile has fixed the smiles of over 70,000 patients. These are the kind of stats that has earned them the title of best dentists in Siliguri. Doctor Smile continues to be one of the most remarkable dental clinics in the city because of its extraordinary team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, oral cancer advances fast, affecting lips, tongue, and the floor and the roof of the mouth, gums, and cheek lining. Individuals with tobacco consumption are at an increased risk of oral cancer, while alcohol misuse and HPV also put one at risk of developing oral cancer.

You may feel no or mild discomfort after laser gum surgery. Some people experience a little oral sensation; however, it tends to go down within a few days. Follow a dental healing routine to avoid complications.

Metal braces ensure the same benefits as aligners do. In complex dental cases, metal braces are more effective than invisible aligners whereas, clear aligners are friendlier in terms of usability and appearance.

Assured by what type of treatment procedure you’re looking for, rates may vary. As there are expensive procedures, you can avail of cosmetic dentistry treatment at a moderate expense too.

For red, swollen gums, gingivitis can be a prominent cause. Other contributing factors are pregnancy, infection, side effects of certain meds, exposure to gum irritant toothpaste or mouth wash, and malnutrition.