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Best Dental Clinic In Siliguri For Quality Dental Treatment

Best Dental Clinic In Siliguri For Quality Dental Treatment

Got a toothache making your life miserable? Don't you worry; the best dental clinic in Siliguri has a solution to all of your dental ailments. Doctor Smile was the brain child of two alumni students of ADCH, Jamshedpur that came to life in 2011. Dr. Dhrubajyoti Sen and Dr. Devjit Saha co- founded Doctor Smile with the mission to change the scenario of dentistry in Siliguri.

Services We Offer

The main reason we are known as the best dental clinic in Siliguri is because of the range and quality of services that we offer. Some of them are:

  • Dental Implants: Doctor Smile was the first to launch the campaign “Tooth in a day”. This allowed over 1200 documented patients to replace their missing teeth in a day's time.
  • Single Sitting RCT's: RCT is the only option to save a painful and decayed tooth and increase its lifespan. Doctor Smile has initiated single sitting RCT sessions where the patients can get RCT's in an hour.
  • Full Mouth Treatments: Some dental patients require full mouth treatments. This happens when a patient has a combination of dental problems like poor gum health, cavities, decayed or damaged teeth.
  • Laser Surgeries: LASERS surgeries are painless and bloodless surgeries used for various procedures. These procedures include disinfection of gums, minor oral surgeries, teeth bleaching and pain therapy.
  • Oral Cancer Treatments: With the help of medical oncologist Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh and head and neck cancer surgeon Dr.Manish Goswami, Doctor Smile also effectively provides oral cancer treatments.
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Siliguri Dental Clinic For Your Dental Improvement

Dental issues can have massive repercussions within our bodies. It is essential to undergo treatment as early as possible to minimize the severity of the issue. Our dental health can be delicate and without proper caring, it can easily get affected. And suffering from oral health can be very uncomfortable, it not only causes problems to eat but also causes difficulties while talking or smiling.

It is advisable to prevent the dental issues at the earliest and for that, you need consultation from a reputed Siliguri Dental Clinic. You will obtain state-of-the-art facilities that take care of all your difficulties regarding your dental health and provide suitable treatment for it.

Surplus Of Positive Responses

With advanced diagnostic facilities, technologically advanced treatment modalities, the clinic had soon earned its way to the top. The news of Doctor Smile being the best Siliguri dental clinic had spread resulting in a lot of clients. This led us to branch out and open another clinic in 2016. Our clients have continued to have faith our services and we now have four active dental clinics in Siliguri, itself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since your dentist uses either local or general anesthesia, you won’t feel any discomfort during the procedure. Soon after the numbness wears away, you may feel a sensation that you can manage with the help of prescribed medicines.

Like natural teeth, food particles also stick to your dentures, causing plaque accumulation. So, try to clean the dentures every morning and night with a soft toothbrush, and mild antibacterial soap.

While correcting misalignments concerning your jaw and lower face, slightly disordered dental conditions can be fixed through orthognathic surgery.

Yes, as it provides support to your newly corrected teeth. However, the frequency of wearing retainers may drop with time. For that, be sure to talk to your dentist first.

Until you chew or bite on something hard or look after your day-to-day oral care, an RCT-treated tooth tends to last for at least 15 years to a lifetime.